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The Joy of Watching Families Grow Through My Lens

ct newborn photographer

There’s something truly magical about being a CT family photographer. It’s more than just capturing pretty pictures; it’s about becoming a trusted witness to life’s most tender moments, the ones that weave the tapestry of a family’s journey. And let me tell you, my clients? They’re the finest threads in that tapestry, each one adding...

More Than Just Poses: Creating Personalized Newborn Photography Sessions in CT

Creating Personalized Newborn Photography Sessions in CT

As a top-rated portrait photographer in CT, I’ve captured countless newborn wonders: the perfect curl of tiny fingers, the sleepy smiles under milk-laden lashes, the way new parents gaze at their miracles with hearts overflowing. But for me, truly exceptional newborn photography transcends capturing cute poses. It’s about crafting a visual narrative that whispers the...

Embracing Warmth and Comfort: The Benefits of Choosing a Photography Studio in Chilly New England Weather

ct family photographer in madison photography studio

New England winters, with their crisp air and snow-kissed landscapes, create a picturesque backdrop for photography. However, when it comes to capturing those special moments with your family, especially when there’s a baby involved, the cold weather can pose some challenges. That’s where the cozy embrace of a professional photography studio becomes a game-changer. As...

Wrapping up the Fall photography season | CT Family Photographer

ct fall family photographer

The leaves are officially all down and I am wrapping up the Fall photography season here in CT!  This Fall was absolutely stunning – I think my kids were sick of me excitedly asking them to take in all the foliage. But who could resist the beautiful colors that popped up everywhere in the Northeast...

September is my favorite time to photograph beach family sessions

september beach family photographer

End of August and the beginning of September is my favorite time to photograph beach family sessions! The sunsets are magical, the crowds less prominent as the new school year begins. And although this year may prove to be otherwise, late summer tends to have less rainy days, making it easier to schedule your photos...

Some of my favorite Fall photography locations near Madison CT

favorite fall locations for family photography in ct

Hard to believe it, but Fall is right around the corner. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall photography locations near Madison CT.  The first location is in Madison CT and features a gorgeous old barn, an adorable covered bridge and lots and lots of foliage during the peak time. I absolutely...

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