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What to wear to your family photoshoot

It’s that magical time of the year! Do you know what to wear to your family photoshoot?

October is upon us – the busiest family portrait month of the year. October is the perfect time to update your family photos and grab some images for those Holiday cards!

If you’re anything like me, you probably go from getting excited about finally bookings your family portrait photoshoot to freaking out about what to wear. It’s one of the most stressful things about photoshoots!

Well, not to worry. This year I’d love to share a few ideas with you in hopes that it inspires your wardrobe selection!

what to wear to your family photoshoot

And I’m sharing some of my tips on pulling your family’s wardrobe together.

  1. Start with mom first
    • That’s right.  YOU!  As a mom who’s had to style her family for a photoshoot, I know what it’s like to concentrate on every detail on your littles ones’ outfits and then panic last minute when there is nothing flattering for you to wear.  We often avoid being in front of the camera for a variety of reasons and when we finally pull the trigger on a family photoshoot, we panic about how we’ll end up looking in those photos.  The truth is that no matter how adorable the captured moment, you’ll love your photos best if you’re comfortable in the way you look.   So my advice is to find a gorgeous outfit that not only flatters your figure, but makes you feel like yourself and then use it to inspire the rest of the pieces.  I would ask yourself these 3 questions when choosing your clothes: Is it comfy? Do I feel beautiful?  Is it me? 
  2. Coordinate, don’t match 
    • Rather than putting everyone in one color or matching identical outfits, use a color scheme and the “x” rule to choose your outfits.  Choose one family member to wear a pattern with a variety of colors that appeal to you.  I’m a fan of floral maxis for mom that have a number of colors that you could pull from to dress the rest of the family.  Then match the colors for the family members so that they are not worn on the same body part. i.e. if dad is wearing a white shirt, aim for white pants/shorts or a white dress rather than a matching white shirt.  Make sure that the baby/toddler in the family isn’t wearing the same color as mom and dad as you’ll often end up carrying or holding them. 
  3. Add texture 
    • Textures and layers add interest to the photos.  Chunky sweaters, jackets paired with silky tops, or rich tones in similar color pallet can all work well.  During the Fall, scarves or fur vests can really add dimension.  Avoid bold colors near your face though as that will reflect and leave your skin with an odd color cast. 
  4. Flatter your figure 
    • Most of us look fabulous in wrap tops, loose flowy shirts, a-line skirts, and layers.  For warmer weather a long flowy maxi dress offers a beautiful flattering option for just about any shape!  When trying on an outfit, make sure that you’ve looked at it while standing and sitting in front of a mirror.   
  5. Aim for classic, but current 
    • Ditch date-able trends that will make you cringe a couple of years down the road.  Instead choose classic shapes and timeless color pallets.  For spring and summer months, muted pallets with peach, sage, and blues work extremely well.  Want something a little more bold?  Use yellow or a floral pattern on one family member.  In the Fall months, greys, beige (or greige….yeah that’s a thing), gold and mustard are often popular colors to work with.   
  6. Accessorize 
    • Again, try to steer clear of super trendy accessories.  Rather than piling on jewelry, stick to one or two carefully selected embellishments.  You can also use accessories as a way to help flatter your figure.  A statement necklace for mom can help draw the eye up and toward the neckline.  A belt can help define a waistline.  

Want more inspiration? I’ve created these Pinterest boards to help!

What to wear to your portrait photography session.

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