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Capturing your baby’s milestones | Baby Austin, 6 month baby milestone photography

I absolutely love capturing baby’s milestones with a baby milestone photography session!  Check out sweet baby Austin’s 6 month milestone photography session.

Mom surprised me by bringing the most adorable little Wild Things outfit for sweet baby Austin.  I just couldn’t get enough of it.  And sweet baby Austin was just the biggest little ham.  He kept on smiling pretty much the entire time!  Between those rosy cheeks and his edible little toes, Austin was just the cutest little nugget.

Are you considering capturing your baby’s milestones?  Let me fill you in a bit about what, when and how to best capture them with baby milestone photography.

What is baby milestone photography?

Generally, baby milestone photography capture milestones such as maternity, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.  You can also capture specific moments in your baby’s life.  Some popular ones is when the baby starts smiling, sitting up, crawling or scooting, and walking.  These milestones help to capture your sweet baby’s moments within the first year.

When to book baby milestone photography?

The best way to keep up with baby milestones is to book your sessions when you book your baby’s newborn photography session.  Catherine King Photography offers a versatile Bump to Baby package that allows you to pick and choose which milestones you want to capture for your baby.  The best part about the Bump to Baby photography package?  You get an album at the end of the contract that will have all of the baby milestones.  That’s right, it’s a baby book that you didn’t have to make!

What happens during a baby milestone photography session?

These really depend on milestones as well as your taste, but here are a few ideas about baby milestone sessions.

  • Maternity photography sessions or “bump” sessions usually capture the baby in the mommy’s belly.  If there are older siblings, this is a great way to capture them loving on mama’s belly.
  • If you’re looking for first smiles or 3 month baby session, the baby is still pretty immobile and it’s a great time to capture their development as well as all the tiny details.
  • 6-7 month milestone photography sessions tend to concentrate on the baby sitting up, or laying down and eating their toes.  I mean, what’s cuter than that?!
  • Around 9 months your baby may start scooting or crawling and it’s a wonderful time to catch their movements.  They may also start pulling up on things and photographing that with some props such as a stool is really cute.
  • 12 month milestone or 1st birthdays can be capture as a milestone or smashcake photography.

Most milestone photography sessions are kept short and sweet since babies at this age tend to need naps and feedings more often.  Keeping these sessions short allows the photographer to capture the best and happiest moments of your baby.  Often these sessions are 15-30 minutes long and concentrate on just the baby.

Most photographers will have props to use during the session to keep things interesting and to keep the baby’s interest.  Other times you may opt for a minimal baby milestone photography session.  Work with your photographer to determine which style suits you best!

How to prepare for baby milestone photography?

Work with your photographer to determine what time of day is best for your baby.  You want to choose a time that is after the first morning nap and after that baby has eaten.  This will set you up for the smiliest and happiest time in your baby’s schedule.

Depending on your photographer and your style, you may want to bring a cute outfit or some props to your session. Catherine King Photography has a large selection of baby outfits for you to borrow as well as a large selection of props for each session.

Some other items that are great for baby milestone photography session include:

  • Extra diapers and wipes
  • Their favorite toys to make them smile or laugh
  • Small easy snacks for older babies such as cheerios or puffs
  • A change of outfit, just in case an accident or spit up happens
  • Pacifier if your baby takes one
  • A lovey or special toy that comforts them


Now that you’ve learned a bit more about baby milestone photography, here’s a quick sneak peek of baby Austin’s 6 month milestone session!


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