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Choosing the right newborn photographer in ct for your family and style

First and foremost, if you’ve stumbled onto this post and are expecting, congratulations!  Whether it is your first or last pregnancy, I am so excited that you’ve chosen to invest your time and budget into professional newborn photography.  But once you start the search in choosing the right newborn photographer in ct for your family and style, I’m sure you will soon discover that there are many options.  Now how to choose the right one for you and your family?

Let’s consider our options.

Studio photography versus in-home photography

When considering if you’re looking for a studio newborn photography session versus an in-home newborn photography session, there are a few factors to consider.

Studio newborn sessions are a great choice if you’re looking for a controlled environment.  When you arrive for a studio newborn photography session, you’ll arrive to a fully-styled session.  Upon arrival you can hand over the baby and sit back as the photographer takes care of everything.  Most newborn photography studios will have everything you need in stock from diapers and wipes to headbands and wraps.  The only thing you’ll need to bring is your baby and yourself.

Newborn studios are not only fully stocked, but they are also set up with the perfect environment for a sleepy baby.  Soothing sounds, warm temperatures, and often Lavender essentials create the perfect environment for everyone the baby to sleep.  You’ll often be treated to snacks, water or a cup of hot coffee while you watch your beautiful baby.  Some studios also offer wardrobe options for mom.  While we all know that post-partum bodies rarely represent who we are, some clothing will suit better than others.

There are some variances within newborn studios – while some photograph using natural light, others choose studio lighting.  Both have their benefits but I would trust that the newborn photographer you chose will know the lighting scenario they’re working with.

In-home newborn photography sessions are a great choice if you have a home that will photograph well (or at least some spaces that will work).  This is also a great option if you are not able to travel to your newborn photographer or have children with high anxieties.

In-home newborn photography can feel more casual for you and your family, providing a laid back experience.  You’ll be able to choose the spaces in your home that feel most comfortable or bring about sentimental memories.  You can work with your photographer to identify the perfect space for light and composition.

If you are thinking about an in-home session for your family, consider the space, light, and time that you have.

There are also other children in your family (if you have them) to consider as you contemplate choosing the right newborn photographer in ct for your family.  Are your children shy or outgoing?  How well do they do in new environments?  Will they behave in their homes?  Will they behave in new places?

Here are some things to think about as you’re choosing the right newborn photographer in ct for you:

  • Studio lighting (especially if the photographer uses studio lights rather than natural light) provides a controlled light source.  Regardless of time of day or weather, it is a consistent source of light.
  • Where do you think your other children would be more comfortable?  Do you want them to be super comfortable?  Remember, comfort in toddlers can sometimes show up in high energy or lack of boundaries.
  • What kind of backdrop are you looking for?  Do you want to see your home in the background or a neutral background?  Does your home provide the minimal environment that will show off the new baby?
  • Do you want to clean the space before and after?  Most studios are sanitized, but you should always check with your photographer.

Posed photography versus lifestyle photography

Once you’ve chosen the location that’s right for your newborn photography session, there are other options to consider.

Posed newborn photography versus lifestyle newborn photography very significantly and are often a matter of taste.

Posed newborn photography involves knowledge and experience from your newborn photographer.  You’ll want to make sure that they’re well trained in safety when posing your baby.  While there are many simple poses, even those require knowledge of safety about baby temperature and proper neck control.  Many poses require that the baby is in deep sleep.  If you’re working with an experienced newborn photographer, they’ll know how to accomplish this.

Many experience newborn photographers will have a flow of poses that they go to for easiest transitions.  They’ll also be able to take queues from the baby when it’s time to move on from a pose or change their flow to adjust to the baby’s needs.

If you are looking for those curly sweet baby poses, this is a great options for you but please do take care to understand the experience your photographer has with such sessions.

Lifestyle photography is often more laid back and do not require as much training.  Although I would still urge that you find a photographer that has vast experience with newborns.  Your new baby, especially if they’re under 2 months old, is fragile.  Choose a photographer that knows what they are doing, safely.

Consider these things as you’re choosing the right newborn photographer in ct for your family:

  • Look through various websites by searching for “ct newborn photographer” or “newborn photographer near me” and see which style appeals the most to you
  • Do you love the curly baby poses or prefer the unposed look?
  • Do you want to see props and textures in your photos or prefer the natural baby look?
  • Are you comfortable that the photographer you chose can accomplish the poses safely?


This one is completely up to you and is hard to give much advice to.  But here are a few things to look at when reviewing the photographer’s portfolio:

  • Is the photographer into more neutral tones or colors?  Which do you life more?
  • Do the tones, colors, and props used in the sessions fit your home decor?
  • Will you love seeing these photos years down the road?
  • Is there consistency in the style you love?  Or are they all over the place?  Either could be good, don’t get me wrong.  But choose a portfolio that matches what you love most.


This is probably the most important factor when you are choosing a newborn photographer in CT for you and your family.  Experience can mean many things and often reflects in the photographer’s portfolio.

A major component to consider is your budget.  Yes, less experienced newborn photographers in ct will cost less.  It’s a fact – most photographers charge based on experience and location.  But before you choose a newborn photographer in ct that costs less, consider this:

  • Is their portfolio consistent?  Do you see many images you love from each session or only 1/2?  Is each session as good as the last and the 5 before that?
  • Are they licensed?  Sure, photography isn’t a trade that requires legal training, but look up if their business is registered.  Most legit photography businesses will also have insurance, backup equipment and other assurances.
  • Do they have everything you need for your session?  Newborn props including buckets, bowls, wraps, headbands, hats, and other items cost a lot of money.  A professional newborn photographer in ct that has been in business a few years will have collected those things.  What you may save on your session may cost you most in the long run.
  • Please consider safety when bookings your newborn photography in ct.  This one I cannot stress enough.  Newborns are fragile.  They require experience in care.  They require experience in soothing.

Now, I am no suggesting that you blow your budget.  If you are on a tight budget, look at mini sessions or petite sessions from a photographer you love.  There are often many options to consider.  Which one is right for you and your family?

We all had to start somewhere, so if you’re looking to work with someone that doesn’t have experience, consider this.  Are they or have they worked with a mentor?  Have they done safety training?  Have they taken online or in-person training course for newborn photography?

I cannot stress safety enough.  As long as you feel safe in the hands of the photographer you choose, the rest should go smoothly.

Now since you are here, I would love to share some of my recent work with you.  And if you would like to see more, click here for newborn photography portfolio or here for recent newborn photography sessions in ct.

studio newborn photography in ct with sweet baby belle and her familystudio newborn photography in ct with sweet baby belle and her familystudio newborn photography in ct with sweet baby belle and her familywinter maternity photography in ct with catherine king photography a maternity photographer in ct

ct newborn photography with baby Rhys

Catherine King Photography is an on-location, natural light, portrait photographer with a studio in Madison, CT.  Catherine’s studio is stocked with a variety of headbands, hats, props and wardrobe options for your portrait and newborn photography session.  Click here to receive more information on booking or pricing.

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Maternity portraits are usually booked when you are 12-20 weeks along and scheduled around 32-36 weeks of pregnancy.  Newborn portraits are usually booked to hold your “delivery month” when you are 12-20 weeks pregnant and scheduled once the baby arrives.  The “ideal” time for newborn baby photography is between 5-15 days of age, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you’ve missed that window.

View more of Catherine’s newborn photography work here.

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