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Wrapping up the Fall photography season | CT Family Photographer

ct fall family photographer

The leaves are officially all down and I am wrapping up the Fall photography season here in CT!  This Fall was absolutely stunning – I think my kids were sick of me excitedly asking them to take in all the foliage. But who could resist the beautiful colors that popped up everywhere in the Northeast...

Madison CT Studio Mommy and Me Photography mini sessions

One of the best gifts that I think one can receive is a gift of memories.  And what better way to celebrate moms this year than with mommy and me photography mini sessions? Watching mamas with their babies is amazing – I love the love they share, the cuddles, the playfulness.  I hope you enjoy...

Mommy and Me mini sessions in Madison CT

sample of mommy and me mini sessions scheduled for 2020 in madison ct

I’ve been photographing mommy and me mini sessions in Madison CT for over 9 years and I can easily say they’re one of my favorite.  There is something so special about the bond between a mama and her babies. I am so excited to be offering mommy and me mini sessions this year in my...

What does a Mommy and Me Mini Session include

what does a mommy and me session include

Welcome back to my little mini series on all things mommy and me mini sessions! If you missed the first post, click here to read what a mommy and me mini session is. Now on to learning what a mommy and me mini session includes! Each photographer is different. I’ll be covering what my mommy...

Mommy and Me Mini Photography, Madison CT Family Photographer

Mommy and Me mini photography sessions are my favorite!  I am so lucky to get to meet so many adorable families! These short sessions are great for capturing a few moments of mamas and their babies.  It is such a special bond!   These photography sessions are kept short and sweet and reasonably priced.  They’re perfect...

Why You Need a Mommy and Me Photography Session

mommy and me session with catherine king photography a ct family photographer

I’ve recently been reminded that life is truly precious and filled with moments we sometimes take for granted. I want to be in more photos with my children and this is why I have come to realize how important my Mommy and Me photo sessions are. Now is the perfect time to capture memories with...

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