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Holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos

It’s that time of the year, peeps! Time to get those Holiday cards and that means Family Photos for Holiday photo cards! Do you have your holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos?

I cannot wait for a second round of adorable holiday minis this November and I figured I would put together some of my favorite Holiday pajamas that would be fantastic for our little festive holiday bed setup!

If you’re interested in pictures this year, contact us here.

Check out this cute set we have this year:

what to wear to your holiday christmas card photos

It goes oh so well with pretty much anything, but especially adorable holiday-themed pajamas. Although, I’ll tell ya, I’ve seen some super fancy outfits and they look so good!

Burt’s Bees is killing it with their holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos! I love that they offer pajamas for the entire family. Ps – did you know that I love it when parents jump in for a few photos in our holiday sets? Here are a few of my favorites – each image is linked, and no I do not get paid for any links.

holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos
family set for holiday photos

Their whole line linked here. And here’s a little hint to those of us who have long string beans for kids – these seem to always fit extra snug. It’s fantastic for tall skinny little nuggets.

And of course, Hanna Anderson will always be one of my favorite brands when it comes to PJs.

holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos from hanna anderson

I love the fit and the fact that they last season after season (I’m speaking as a master hand-me-down person).

Amazon also has some great choices! Here’s my take on amazon – order things early enough that if you have to return them and get something else, you hate time. Because they’re hit or miss.

holiday pajamas for your Christmas card photos from amazon

But if you have a week or two to try things on, check this link out.

Some other places that have previously worked well for us or my clients:

Do you have a favorite shop you could share? I will try to update this post with your recommendations!

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