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How To Prepare Your Dog for Baby

Chances are, if you are a dog owner, that you see your pet as your first baby.   Then, you get pregnant with your first human baby!   After the excitement wears off, you may start to wonder, how do I prepare my dog for this little baby?  Some planning ahead can make this a smooth transition for everyone.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your dog for baby!

  1.  Set up Baby Gear Well in Advance-  Newborns come with a lot of stuff!  Swings, car seats, bouncy chairs, strollers…….honestly the list is endless.  Having all of these things set up weeks ahead of time will give your dog time to adjust to them.  Put a doll in the car seat and the stroller, and take your dog for a walk to get used to the wheels, etc.    Your dog will be a pro once it comes time for the real deal.  
  2. Reduce Attention Gradually-  Even the best pet owner will admit that their dog gets a lot less attention once a newborn comes home.  So making small gradual changes to how much attention they get will help lessen the shock.   
  3. Baby Smells/Sounds-    Your dog is going to pick up on all newborn smells, both nice and not so nice!  One great way to acclimate your dog to the newborn is to bring home a blanket or piece of clothing that the newborn has used or worn.  Let the dog smell it before introducing them.  Acclimation is important for sounds as well.  Dogs have sensitive hearing, so some owners have found it to be helpful to play videos of crying babies ahead of time to allow the dog to adjust to the sound.  
  4. Have a Safe Space for Your Dog- Your dog may still get stressed out by the sounds or activity of having a newborn.  Make sure your dog has a safe space (crate, bed, area of the house) where he can get away  when it gets to be too much.  
  5. The Big Meeting-  Your dog is going to be so happy to see you, especially if you have been away at the hospital for a few days (or longer).  Have your spouse bring in the newborn separately so you have a chance to greet your dog and give him all your attention.  Once the dog’s excitement has reduced, allow dog to sniff baby at a distance, perhaps even on a leash.  Pet and give praise, but don’t force any interaction.  And never allow baby and dog to be alone together. 

With some time and preparation, your “first baby” and your newborn will adjust to their new family life! 

I recently had the chance to shoot a maternity session that included the couple’s fur-baby!  Check out this beautiful gallery.  

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