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Friday Favorites

New year = new goals, am I right?  One of my goals for myself and my business this year is to spend a little more time sharing all aspects of my photography business with you, not just share the sessions.  With that, I want to start  Friday Favorite series!  This is basically where I take every Friday to share some of my current favorite things with you.  So here goes – first Friday of the year!

Favorite book I am reading:  High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.  I just finished Girl Wash Your Face and was listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast with Brendon Burchard and it prompted me to just about immediately purchase his book.  I am so stoked, invigorated and just all around excited about 2019 thanks to this book.  By the way, his entire book is also available for free on his podcast.

Favorite podcast: Speaking of podcasts, I so love Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast.  It’s so refreshing and funny and just all around uplifting.  I’d probably go as far as to say I have a bit of a girl crush on her.  Guess who’s going to see her Rise conference in the theatre this month?  This gal!

Favorite show: I feel like my girl friends and I spend so much time talking about latest shows we’re watching.  Right now the hubs and I are pretty hooked on The American (it’s on FX).  And no, it’s not because I’m Russian although, I’ll tell ya, it’s nice not to have to read the sub-titles.

Favorite lens: I’ve been pretty reliant on my new 24-70mm Canon lens I just got.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s all new and shiny (and sharp! so sharp!) or because of the versatility, but it’s barely left my camera body the last couple of months.

Favorite newborn prop vendor:  Oh newborn props.  Such an addictive habit.  Add Black Friday sales and let’s just say that I went a teeeeeeee bit cray cray these past couple of months on prop shopping.  I think right now my favorite is Moonlight Little Knits.  I may or may not have spent my children’s’ college education in that shop over the break.  I think my favorite part is the fact that she puts together little sets and then, because I shop there so much, I can switch them all out with each other and everything just sort of goes together.  Sure makes for a nice session flow.

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