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Preparing for your Fall family photography session | CT Family Photographer

So you’ve scheduled your Fall family session and now you’re starting to panic.  Am I right?  The only reason that I know this is that I am one of you.  As a parent of very young kids, it’s easy to worry about how your photos will turn out.  Making an investment in a custom session isn’t small and many of us save up for the Fall family photos all year long.  So what can you do to help prepare for the session?   Here are a few tips!

prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher

  1. Plan your outfits ahead of time.  There is nothing worse to set you up for a stressful session like running around and grabbing clothes right before your session.  Take your time and plan the outfits early on so you can be confident in your decisions and concentrate on getting everyone relaxed and ready for the session rather than making last minute outfit changes. prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  2. Work with your photographer to select a time that’s best for light and your family.  You know your kids’ schedules and planning a session during nap time or dinner time can lead to cranky kids and stressed out parents.  Your photographer can help you choose a date and time that will work with your schedule as well as the light on the location.  Love the sunset sessions?  Talk to your photographer and select a time of year where your schedule will coincide with the sunset schedule!  Have early risers?  Sunrise sessions can be absolutely gorgeous and provide with similar beautiful skies as a sunset session. prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  3. Feed the kids a snack or a meal right before the session.  In fact, feed yourself too!  Kids, and many adults too (I would know, I am one of them) can have a rather foul, whiny mood if they’re hungry.  Fill those bellies with something solid so everyone is ready to run around and have fun. prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  4. Pack up for your family’s needs.  If you have young children, don’t forget to bring an extra snack (pick something that’s easy to clean up and easy to hide like mini goldfish or a packet of apple sauce).  And don’t forget the wipes!  I also always recommend packing an extra change of clothes or getting the kids dressed when you arrive on location.  If you plan to hand them a snack in the car, make sure their outfits are protected. prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  5. Prepare the kids.  You know your kids best – some kids can easily adjust to a new location while others need some time to warm up.  If you know that your kids may feel uncomfortable in the new environment, come early to explore the surrounding or take a trip to the location before your scheduled session.  Some higher energy kids will actually stay relatively still when they’re in a new place – this may work to your advantage.  And always talk to your kids before, but try to avoid placing any pressure on the outcomes.  If they sense you are stressed or worried, they may act out more than if you simply explained what you were going to do and who would be there. prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  6. Trust your photographer.  Look at the photographer’s work – if you see that every session has beautiful photos of smiling kids there is a good chance that the photographer knows what they’re doing and will be able to grab your children’s attention.  Let your photographer guide you through the session and work with them to make sure that your expectations are met.  If you’re worried, talk to your photographer prior to the session and explain what makes you anxious so they can help you prepare for the session.  At the end of the day, this session is meant to capture your family so if they’re high energy, rowdy, and hectic, just go with the flow and let the photos reflect your family.  Sometimes capturing those little moments is far more valuable than a posed photo.  prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher
  7. And on the day of your session, choose to just smile.  Your attitude will not only reflect on your face in the photos, but it will often rub off on the rest of the family members.  On the day of your session go through the checklist and know that you’ve done everything you can to prepare for your session and now it’s time to have some fun and capture your beautiful family the way they are.  Smile and you’ll see everyone around you begin to enjoy the session as well.  prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher


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prepare for your family session CT Photgorapher

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