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Photographing older newborns – a newborn photography session with 3 month old Isaac in Madison CT

One of the frequently asked questions that I get is what are my options if my baby is already born and I missed that ideal “5-15 day” window. I want to address photographing older newborns and share with you a recent gorgeous newborn photography session with 3 month old Isaac in Madison CT.

When you browse websites of newborn photographers in your area, you’ll often read that it is ideal to research and book your photographer while you are expecting, usually in your second trimester. This allows you to secure a spot on the photographer’s calendar and you can usually expect to have your session within the first couple of weeks after the baby is born. The reason that this is recommended is that newborn babies are sleepier and easier to pose in adorable baby poses and props safely.

But what happens if you weren’t sure if you wanted newborn photos but decided after the baby is born that you do? What if you missed the “ideal window” but still want your baby captured? Or, as I often hear from new parents, you simply didn’t know that you had to reach out before the baby is born and now you really want those newborn photos?

The answer is simple – there is never a wrong time to capture your new baby. 

Babies change almost daily, gaining new expressions, movements and growing into their features. We will want to capture all of it, regardless if your baby is 5 days or or 2 months old. These sweet photographs will still reflect where your baby was during their first months on Earth.

When I talk to parents with older newborns, I am sure to reiterate that there is never a wrong time to capture their new baby. I am also honest and clear that photographing an 8 week old or even a 6 week old will look slightly different than photographing a 2 week old baby. 

Here’s what you can expect: gorgeous images of your baby, capturing these moments for a lifetime.

Here’s where I always ask parents to be flexible: we may not be able to capture all those sweet naked sleepy poses (although I will always try for a few) since older babies are more easily stirred and spend more time awake and alert.

And to show you just how adorable older newborn baby sessions are – here is Isaac. Isaac was just short of 3 months when we photographed him and he was absolutely amazing! We were able to capture his sweet smiles – a new milestone for that age! As well as some sleepy cuddly photos. 

If you missed reaching out to a photographer during your pregnancy and now wish to capture your new baby, do not hesitate to message me! We’ll work together to create a gorgeous session for your new baby.

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a newborn photography session with 3 month old Isaac in Madison CT
a newborn photography session with 3 month old Isaac in Madison CT
Photographing older newborns
Photographing older newborns

is it too late to book a newborn session if my baby was already born?


With over 9 years experience working with newborn babies and families, Catherine King photography is one of the best newborn photographers in CT.  The newborn photography studio is located in Madison, CT and serves New Haven county, Middlesex county, New London county.  Catherine King Photography serves nearby areas including CT, RI, NJ, NY, and MA as well.

In Madison, CT, you’ll be greeted by a warm, cozy space with everything you’ll need.  Enjoy a warm cup of coffee (or decaf!) and relax in a comfy chair.  Your newborn baby will be in good hands.

Each newborn session is planned and customized with coordinated setups and latest props.  The only thing you’ll need to bring is yourselves!  The studio is stocked with bonnets, wraps, headbands, and gorgeous layers. Forgot diapers or wipes?  No worries, we’ve got those too.  you don’t need to bring a thing unless you want to.

Safety and comfort of the baby is always the number one priority.  I am up to date with all latest required vaccines and take extreme care to keep the space clean and germ-free.  While I will have a workflow planned to guide your baby through a variety of poses with the least amount of disturbance, I will also take cues from the baby when they need a break for an extra snuggle or a feeding.


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