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What is included in a mini Newborn Photography session

In going with last post’s theme, today I am sharing what is included in a mini Newborn Photography session! If you want to see what is included in a Signature Newborn Photography session – click here.

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What is a Mini Newborn Photography session and how is it different than other newborn baby photography sessions

A mini newborn session is a short (usually 45-60 minutes) photo session where the baby remains wrapped all (or at least most) of the time. This is different from the other newborn photo sessions (such as the ever popular Signature session) because we do not capture those naked newborn poses on seamless backdrop.

There are a couple of options to pick from for the wrapped baby photography session – you can choose to photograph just the baby or include family/sibling/parent poses.

One of the main reasons that this shortened session is limited to wrapped posing is because newborn babies prefer to be wrapped and will often sleep soundly the entire time while wrapped. Most babies do not like the feel of their arms and/or legs being out of the wrap.

These sessions are quick, budget friendly and still offer a gorgeous variety of images!

MIni newborn photography sessions include

  • Flokati rug
  • 3 props
  • (optional add-on) family poses

Flokati rug

What is a Flokati? A flokati rug is a woven wool rug. They are shaggy in appearance, and are thick and soft. I have a variety of colors in my studio. Below are a few examples of different poses that I’ve been able to capture using a flokati rug while keeping the baby nice and snug inside a wrap.

I love adding variety to this setup by adding some props, greenery or flowers, or adorable stuffed toys.

What is included in a mini Newborn Photography session


Similar to the Signature session, a mini newborn photography session includes 3 prop setups. The only difference is that we keep the baby wrapped the entire time.

A wrapped baby does not always mean that 100% of the baby is hidden beneath a wrap. I love being able to offer variety in a mini session by playing with different wrapping techniques. Take a look at some sample images below.

In addition to 3 different props I’ll also capture all the tiny details like eye lashes or fingers and toes!

What is included in a mini Newborn Photography session

Family poses

If you are booking a mini newborn photo session, you can choose to add family poses to your package. This can include parents, family or sibling poses. In a mini newborn session the baby remains wrapped for this posing and we aim for 1-2 setups. Check out some examples of family poses below.

newborn photographer madison ct

And that sums up what is included in a Mini Newborn photography session. If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to reply!

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