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Our baby girl is 9!

For those of you who’ve met me or even follow me on social media, you know that I feel like time has been flying by me ever since my first daughter was born. I feel like I am in a constant struggle between trying to be present in the moment and enjoying the age my girls are in and feeling sad about how quickly they’re growing.

Every age, from birth to now, has been amazing and difficult for completely different reasons. From sleepless nights because my little 6 lb peanut needed to eat every 2-3 hours to sleepless nights because our 9 year old is away on a sleepover. I guess I’m just saying I need sleep. (I’m mostly kidding here, guys…I really do sleep).

And so as we celebrate this gorgeous girl’s 9th birthday (last year in single digits!!!!), I am still a mess of emotions. Pride and joy in spending time with a kid who can have real conversations about real things. Sadness as she lets go of my hand before we walk into her school because her friends call her name. Pure happiness as she still jumps up on me and hugs me with her entire class watching. Oh motherhood.

But enough about me. Here’s to our little Peanut, who will forever be my baby. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

our daughter is 9
9th birthday photography
celebrating 9 years

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