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Friday Favorites

Good morning sunshines!

Did anyone else go to see Rachel Hollis’ Made for More documentary in the theatre?  I sure did!  While I already consume pretty much all of her content, this documentary was still ridiculously inspiring.  I think the best thing about her is just how real she is in everything that she puts out there.  If you haven’t started listening to her podcast or read “Girl Wash Your Face,”  I would totally recommend it.  And that’s my rant for this week 🙂  On to the favs.

Favorite Camera:  I just upgraded to the Canon D Mark IV and oh my world.  I’ve been shooting with a Canon D Mark III for the last 3 or so years (and the II before that!) and it was time to finally upgrade (okay, let’s be honest, shall we?  I dropped my camera not once, but twice this past week.  It started acting funny, I cried and ordered the new body.  Am I excited?  Yes!  Am I totally annoyed that this was an un-budgeted purchase which I could have avoided had I just close the loop on my strap? Yes!).

Favorite winter activity with the kids: Bounce in Clinton.  This place changes the bounce equipment every couple of months which keeps it fresh.  And they’re open a lot – which means that I can bring the kids there after school to get that energy out (talk about instant bedtime).

Favorite planner:  I actually just ordered the Brandon Burchard planner, but when it comes to my regular planner, I’ve been really digging Happy Planner.  You can move the pages around, take out any pages you don’t need, add pages – it’s super simple and easy to customize.  Plus, it’s really cute.  lol.

Favorite recent movie: I recently watched One Day on Netflix.  And then I cried and cried and cried.  If you’ve seen La La Land and liked it, watch this.  It’s not a musical, but oh my heart strings.

Favorite show:  So if you know know me, you know just how much of a cray cray organizational person I am.  I’m a huge fan of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie (yeah, we’re so close since I’ve read her book that we’re on first name basis).  And in 2019 Netflix released her very own show!  Umm, hello new binge lol.


Whatcha been loving this week?

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