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When to book your newborn session | CT newborn photographer

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  There are lot of sleepless nights amazing milestones ahead.  But first thing is first – it’s time to find your maternity and newborn photographer!  Those tiny baby squishy features don’t last past the first few weeks and you want to make sure to capture them as soon as possible.  So when do you need to book your newborn photography session?

As soon as you’re ready!  I would say that once you are past your first trimester, you should be looking for a newborn photographer and booking one as soon as possible.  Because newborns and “due date” are unpredictable, most photographers keep their schedules flexible to allow for changes.  This means that they will book a limited number of sessions each month, allowing for them to remain flexible.

Most newborn photographer will recommend that your newborn photography session is completed within the first 2 weeks after birth (barring medical or other circumstances).  The reason we want your babies to come in sooner rather than later?  This applies as a general rule of thumb (all babies are different!):

  • They are at their “sleepiest” during this stage
  • They are still very flexible and “womb-like” poses come easy
  • They’re not colicky yet
  • They haven’t had things like baby acne yet
  • They still have those wrinkly newborn features

But what if you missed the “ideal time frame”?

Here is my personal take on this one: it’s okay!  I would love to work with your newborn.  Even older newborns can often be posed, even if the poses are slightly adjusted.  While some newborn photographers will say no, many have learned the art of working with an older newborn baby.  Be prepared to you may get slightly different images and probably more wrapped awake shots, but you’re still going to have lasting memories of their early life and that’s what is really important.  Capture your newborn baby, whether they’re 1 week or 4.

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