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Valentine’s Day Photography Mini Sessions scheduled for February 4th, Madison CT

valentatine minis photography in madison ct


Minis versus custom sessions:

Mini sessions are short, quick and follow the same workflow.  There is a set time and location and not a whole lot of time to dilly dally.  If you have kids that are older and predictable, this is a great option for you.  This is also a great option if you have just one child that you want photographed.

Custom sessions are about 1 hour and are driven by your family.  That means that I take the time to get to know you, choose a location that works for your family, spend time walking around, giggling and taking breaks when the kids need them.  If you have toddlers or even pre-schoolers who can take some time to warm up or can take your emotions on a rollercoaster ride (I have one, it’s fun), this is probably a much better option.  Similarly, if you want to drive the decision about location, date and start time – this is a good choice for you.

A few resources for minis:

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