The rolls.  The chubby cheeks.  Those chunky thighs.  The way they laugh.  The way they learn something new just about every hour and everything is the greatest discovery ever.  Don’t you wish you could bottle up all these moments?  You can!

looking for  ct baby photographer or ct children photographer that’s experienced, knows how to work with babies and young children, and will work with you to create a session that’s perfect for you and your family?  you found us.

Catherine King photography is a CT baby photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and baby photography.  We are based in Madison, CT and serve New Haven county, Middlesex county, New London county, as well as nearby areas including CT, RI, NJ, NY, and MA.


5 things to consider when looking for a baby or children photographer

  1. Does the photographer have experience with babies?  Will they be flexible with their schedules?  Will they try multiple tactics since every baby is different?
  2. Is the photographer flexible?  What if the weather is bad – would they switch location or reschedule?  What if my baby is sick?
  3. Do I love the photos that this photographer has taken?  Look over their website, posts and social media posts – do you like their style?
  4. Are the photos consistent?  If you’re looking at the photographer’s photos on their website or social media posts and you see a few great shots but don’t love most of them?  Keep an eye out for consistently good photos.
  5. Will the photographer mind playing down to the baby level?  Will they get on the floor, act silly and do whatever it takes to make my baby laugh?

We are easy-going and down to earth, yet professional.  If you’re looking for someone who will get on the ground, make silly faces and noises, sing off-key, and bring a variety of props to make sure your baby is happy, you’ve found us.  We will work with you to make sure we understand what your baby’s schedule is and what they like and pull together a session that will reflect them.  Together we will choose a perfect location, set a date that works, and go over all of the specifics that you want from your session.
Looking for some guidance?  We have a variety of locations that we can recommend, props that will encourage your session to stand out from the rest and are happy to offer guidance on making your session a success.

We offer a variety of packages for you baby – from milestone sessions that capture the growing baby to fully custom sessions.  Our newborn photography clients often choose to add on milestone and family sessions that help to capture their baby’s’ first year.